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  1. What is GDM?
  2. What can happen to a woman during pregnancy if she is overweight?
  3. What can happen to the baby during pregnancy if the mother is overweight?
  4. What’s a healthy weight?

Part One - Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) and Prevention

  1. Overview of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM)
    1. Why do women get GDM?
    2. Who gets GDM?
      • Am I at risk?
    3. How do you know if you have GDM?
      • Importance of blood sugar checks
    4. Why does pregnancy cause GDM?
      • Sugar connection
    5. Why should I lower my chances of getting GDM?
    6. How does GDM affect my Future Pregnancies?
    7. How do high blood sugars affect pregnancy?
    8. How does GDM affect pregnancy?
      • High blood sugar effects on baby
      • High blood sugar effects on mother
    9. How can I decrease my chances of getting GDM?
      • Planning pregnancies
      • Blood sugar checks
      • Healthy weight
    10. How would planning my future pregnancies help my baby and me?
  2. Prevention of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM)
    1. How to decrease my chances of getting GDM
      • Have a healthy weight
      • Healthy eating
        • Rethinking your drink
        • Healthy Native plate
        • Eating right amounts
        • Cutting back on junk food/fast food
        • Cooking tips
        • Balance
        • Meal suggestions
        • Food journals
      • Physical activity
        • Physical activity goals
        • What counts as physical activity
      • Confidence about being healthy
  3. Who can help me decrease my chances of getting GDM?
    1. Talking with your mom or an adult you trust
      • Tips to get started
    2. Talking with a doctor or nurse
      • Tips to get started

Part Two - Taking Care of your Body: Balancing Mind, Body, Spirit

  1. Healthy Body and Healthy Pregnancy
    1. Changing body
      • What is puberty?
        • Changes on inside/outside
        • Starting periods
        • Living with your hormones
        • Boys go through it, too
    2. Sex and Pregnancy?
      • Sex definition
      • What can happen
        • Unplanned pregnancy
        • Prevention of unplanned pregnancy
        • Family Planning
    3. How do women get pregnant?
      • Sex/fertilization
      • Development of baby
    4. Why should I plan my future pregnancies?
      • Importance of blood sugar
    5. Overweight and Pregnancy
      • High blood pressure
      • PCOS
      • Risks of complications
        • Problems for the woman
        • Problems for the baby
  2. Pre-pregnancy advice and planning a pregnancy
    1. It’s never too early to learn about pregnancy
    2. Preventing GDM by planning a pregnancy
      • How to prepare
    3. Things to do to stay healthy during pregnancy
    4. Becoming confident about your future
    5. Take the first step
      • Talking with partner
      • Goals to make for the future
  3. Glossary – Defining Terms Used in This Booklet
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